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About me

As a senior design strategist one of my main responsibilities is to lead strategic solution design and development activities in a B2B context. I manage cross functional teams in identifying desirable customer pain-points, and translating them into feasible and viable business opportunities. I guide teams and increase inter-lab collaboration using a mix of methods such as systems thinking, future and design thinking methodologies - such as qualitative research and design co-creation workshops. I’m comfortable working with large, complex ecosystems and solve for wicked problems using circular economy solutions, ESG finance, etc. 


I am proficient with user-centered design practices and methods. And have conducted different types of design workshops to foster collaboration, build unified narratives and advocate design value among tech teams, business units and leadership.


My ability to work on upstream innovation has developed over the last 15 years, during which I ran my own design company for 8 years. I started as a furniture designer, progressed into retail design and brand strategy. I wanted to create more impact and therefore came to Chicago to pursue my masters in design and business - as I thought it is necessary to learn the language of business as much as design.


This has boosted my growth and ability to work with diverse teams, use multiple methodologies and especially being comfortable with ambiguity.


Now, I am looking for an opportunity where I can take my career to the next level, specializing in complex industry, and developing my strengths as a designer and creative leadership.



I am self-directed, detailed oriented and a team player.


Strength Assessments:

The Predictive Index: 

Adapter: A bridge-builder comfortable with changing situations.


Gallup Top Five Themes:

Learner: A great desire to learn and continuously improve

Input: Ability to collect and archive all kinds of information

Restorative: Ability to figure out what's wrong and resolve it

Empathy: Ability to imagine other people's lives or other's situations

Intellectual: Introspective

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