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The Future of Brownfields

How might brownfields become

 a critical path for regional regeneration?

Calumet Collaborative 
Chi By Design

IIT | Institute of Design

We partnered with Calumet Collaborative to advance three strategies developed for restoring local economies in the Calumet Region. In this summer long project we created and tested systemic solutions and prototyped experiences in order to gain insights from local agencies and citizens. Our aim was to provide guidance for leaders in the Calumet region to intervene towards sustainable regional regeneration. The post-industrial legacy in the Calumet region, left behind socio-economic challenges. The region not only suffers from economic losses but also its sensitive wetlands face significant ecological disturbances. A clear signal of this imbalance, is seen with the presence of nonnative Phragmites, also known as a common reed. I worked on the issue in reconnecting Calumet region with the natural environment. The overall goal of this prototype was to explore how might we engage the youth of the Calumet region on larger socio-ecological challenges. The project received a second grant to further develop the selected concept into Spring 2019.

My role:

I was the lead designer on the project, focussed on developing system dynamic models. prototypes and communication narratives to translate complex ideas and discoveries.

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