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(Sapta Innovation, Design & Consulting Pvt. Ltd.)


Manukrishna Nair
Archana Belani

At Sapta, we provided a collaborative experience to co-create high-impact solutions for businesses and society. We applied design thinking methodologies for effective problem solving for our customers. Some of our efforts have earned us recognition in publications and a few awards. We are a gold award winner at VM&RD (retail) and BigBang (web) and have featured among the best suppliers for design in retail. 


As firm believers of - it is not what you do, but how you do - we worked across multiple scales and industry types such as education, healthcare, retail sales, consultants, technology services, etc. 


Key mentions:

  • Brand development of an Indian pet food company Drools, enjoying over 35% of the market share, competing with Mars, Pedigree. 

  • Brand development and execution of a value retail store for Arvind Mills (Fsquare), implementing 85 stores within 100 days

  • Worked on the retail space zoning and layout for the Delhi International Airport (DIAL), for which our client won the bid. 


My role:

As the co-founder, I led the design operations of the 16-member company, including managing and implementing our Sapta design process. I evolved from being a furniture designer to educating myself on design thinking methods covering research and strategy. 

  • Watch client's day at our office 

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